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Top 100 Small Press Items
01.Grimdark Future World Book

Grimdark Future World Book
by onepagerules

Grimdark Future is a story set in a war-torn sci-fi future, where humanity struggles to survive in a new galaxy. This is a universe filled with epic conflicts, mighty heroes, and daring adventurers, where species and factions face off in a battle for supremacy. This world book gives you everything you need to know about the Grimdark Future universe, its people, locations, conflicts, and more, and...   [click here for more]
02.You Shall Not Take These Noble Souls

You Shall Not Take These Noble Souls
by Schwalb Entertainment

The Return of the Witch-King Continues! Tear has fallen and the orcs march on, gathering their numbers to invade the Holy Kingdom and take their revenge against the priests who enabled the atrocities perpetrated against their kind. People flee the growing violence, some headed south to Low Country, but many think to put the mountains between themselves and the horrors visiting...   [click here for more]

by Candlenaut

This discount is for the limited time only - Pocket Quest 2024! From the author of the bestselling games ENTITY and Campfire Story comes a new solo cyberpunk game, KUROI.  In addition to simple but rich rules, the game also features top-notch artwork from world-renowned illustrators to visualize its own unique world. Kuro is a cyberpunk setting which pays homage to the greatest...   [click here for more]
04.Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition

Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition
by Word Mill Games

Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition Play any role-playing game solo or without a Game Master! Mythic's oracle-style question resolution system revolutionized solo role-playing. The Second Edition of the Mythic Game Master Emulator updates the ground-breaking 2003 ruleset with essential new additions, a wide range of options to customize your adventures, and numerous refinements. Mythic...   [click here for more]
05.Swyvers Quickstart

Swyvers Quickstart
by Melsonian Arts Council

What is Swyvers? Swyvers is a tabletop role-playing game about bastards. You and your gang of criminals scarper through heists and sewers, stalk through the filth of The Smoke and, if you’re lucky, you’ll make it out with a few extra shillings. The whole of this city is your filthy, sickly oyster. Swyvers is a light-weight set of rules married to a full set of tools and tables for running a...   [click here for more]
06.Mission: ImPAWsible

Mission: ImPAWsible
by T-Rex Games

Special Limited Time Discount Pricing During Pocket Quest 2024! Three raccoons in a trench coat saving the world. Greetings Agent Omega. This is your Mission: ImPAWsible. Mission: ImPAWsible is an improvizational roleplaying adventure game of high stakes and hilarious capers where three raccoons in a trench coat pose as the globe’s greatest super spy to enter the world of international...   [click here for more]
07.The Vaelorian Codex - The Official Ker Nethalas Zine - First Issue

The Vaelorian Codex - The Official Ker Nethalas Zine - First Issue
by Blackoath Entertainment

The Vaelorian Codex is Blackoath Entertainment's official zine for Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight ThroneEach issue of the Vaelorian Codex offers a mix of short content updates for Ker Nethalas, such as new Domains to explore, new rules and systems, explorations of specific themes within the game, new enemies and items, and more.  In this First...   [click here for more]
08.Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy

Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy
by Need Games

An epic journey will guide you beyond what you have ever imagined you could be. Destiny itself shall bow before the fires in your hearts! FABULA ULTIMA ATLAS: HIGH FANTASY will guide you into a world of ancient mysteries, breathtaking views, incredible magic, and powerful beings. Like the heroes of legend and myth, your characters...   [click here for more]
09.'Warning: Danger!' A Children’s Guide to Mines & Unexploded Ordnance (Обережно: Небезпека! Дитячий довідник про міни та нерозірвані боєприпаси)

'Warning: Danger!' A Children’s Guide to Mines & Unexploded Ordnance (Обережно: Небезпека! Дитячий довідник про міни та нерозірвані боєприпаси)
by Skirmisher Publishing

One of the most serious threats to children in Ukraine, especially those in parts of it that have been occupied or fought over, is the presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance like grenades, fuzes, firing devices, and submunitions.  In response to this tragic and frightening situation, we have created this activity book designed to help children in Ukraine identify, be aware of, and avoid landmines...   [click here for more]
10.The Spell Saying Guide

The Spell Saying Guide
by The Gorilla Of Destiny

Have you ever wanted to talk like a real academic wizard with consistent names for their spells, or to have something more fun to shouth than "FIREBALL!" every time you enter a small room? Then this is exactly what you need. This short document is a very simple exploration of how we might say spells in 5e (though the ideas hold true for a lot of different systems). It serves as the explainer and gives...   [click here for more]
11.Fabula Ultima TTJRPG

Fabula Ultima TTJRPG
by Need Games

This is your world, this is your story. Make a choice and fight for what you believe in. FABULA ULTIMA is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Japanese-style console RPGs, or JRPGs.  In Fabula Ultima, you and your friends will tell epic stories of would-be heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy...   [click here for more]
12.Essential NPCs

Essential NPCs
by Musing Design

...   [click here for more]

by Candlenaut

This discount is for the limited time only - Pocket Quest 2023 From the mind behind the 2022's Silver Bestseller, "Campfire Story", hails a new chapter in solo tabletop gaming. Prepare to embark on an epic hard Sci-Fi journey, one that transcends the boundaries of known space and delves into the mystery of a long-lost civilization. A chilling odyssey teetering on the edge of the unknown,...   [click here for more]
14.Write of the Living Dead: A Roll and Write Horror Survival Game Book

Write of the Living Dead: A Roll and Write Horror Survival Game Book
by Micro RPG

It all began on a typical summer evening. Three strangers were going about their normal everyday lives when the unbelievable happened. Random acts of violence seemed to be popping up everywhere. People were killing each other . . . even eating each other. These three strangers were forced to flee into the countryside, into a seemingly abandoned farmhouse. Now, trapped together, the three women will...   [click here for more]
15.Sandbox Generator

Sandbox Generator
by Atelier Clandestin

The Sandbox Generator is a simple but powerful tool for DMs. It allows you to easily create a world from scratch when you prepare your next campaign. It will provide you with all the necessary information about your world: from the biomes map, to a lord’s coat of arms and the menu of the local tavern! It is also convenient for solo players and DMs who want to generate their world...   [click here for more]
16.The Secret World

The Secret World
by Star Anvil Studios

An age is ending, and the darkest days are already here. Ancient enemies cast their avaricious gaze upon our world, threats both mortal and cosmic–once thought merely myth, but horrifically all too real–reveal themselves as the clock counts down towards apocalypse. Now, the “Bees,” the Chosen of Gaia, must step forth to defend the Earth against these dire threats. At the same time, they must...   [click here for more]
17.DRAGONLOCK Lost Dungeons: Master Set

DRAGONLOCK Lost Dungeons: Master Set
by Fat Dragon Games

LIMITED TIME OFFER - SAVE 75%! DRAGONLOCK Lost Dungeons™ is an all-new 3D printable terrain series that is the culmination of our 18 years of design experience in tabletop gaming, and this master set is so complete we even include a dungeon toilet! All models print supportless and are optimized for FDM 3D printers. This set features our innovative no-solder LED lighting designs...   [click here for more]
18.Tales of the Wolfguard

Tales of the Wolfguard
by Hellwinter Forge of Wonders

From the author of Falkrest Abbey! LET’S TELL THE TALES OF THE WOLFGUARD! Blizzard Vale is the northernmost province of the Empire, conquered with great endeavours centuries ago. It’s a frozen, hostile land with sparse patches of conifers, icy rivers, and lakes. The Wolfguard, an old garrison of soldiers and scouts, watches over the vale and protects the town of Ysvindur from...   [click here for more]
19.D100 Space - Galaxy Builder (Book 2)

D100 Space - Galaxy Builder (Book 2)
by Martin Knight

The D100 Space Galaxy Builder (Book 2) adds to D100 Space a way to create and explore new and fascinating galaxies. Your captain will travel the galaxy, interacting with star systems, space stations, and military docks; and explore unique and dangerous planets in search of adventure. They will...   [click here for more]
20.EZD6 Core Rulebook

EZD6 Core Rulebook

From the tabletop madness of DM SCOTTY crawls EZD6! A rules-light D6 RPG system that puts creativity over complexity, but delivers a suprising amount of variation and mechanical wiggle.  Hey guys it's Hankerin from Runehammer. I have been in the DM Scotty cult for years. He's a great guy, and has a trillion hours at the table. All that creativity and table time really shines in...   [click here for more]
21.Shadow of the Weird Wizard

Shadow of the Weird Wizard
by Schwalb Entertainment

The Player's Guide for Shadow of the Weird Wizard Shadow of the Weird Wizard® is a fantasy roleplaying game in which you and your friends assume the roles of characters who explore the borderlands and make them safe for the refugees escaping the doom that has befallen the old country. Unsafe are these lands: the Weird Wizard released monsters to roam the countryside,...   [click here for more]
22.GRIMROOK - City of Oldskull

GRIMROOK - City of Oldskull
by Kent David Kelly

The greatest city of miracles, gods, and demons, Unveiled at last in all its darkly radiant glory … Embark upon an unforgettable journey as you venture through raven-guarded gates to behold the unrivaled majesties of Grimrook, a gothic and labyrinthine fantasy city filled with untold mysteries and endless paths to sword and sorcery adventure. Grimrook looms...   [click here for more]
23.Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
by SlyFlourish

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master is a book designed to help fantasy roleplaying Gamemasters get more out of their games by preparing less. Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master uses the experiences of thousands of GMs to help us focus on how we prepare our games, how we run our games, and how we think about our games. Refined for five years after the release of the Lazy Dungeon...   [click here for more]
24.Marvel Multiverse RPG: Revenge of the Super-Skrull | PDF

Marvel Multiverse RPG: Revenge of the Super-Skrull | PDF
by Marvel

A Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game Adventure! Years ago, the Skrulls attempted to conquer Earth by infiltrating it with shape-shifting agents. This event, known as the "Secret Invasion," led to a conflict between Earth's heroes and the Skrulls. Reed Richards developed a device to expose Skrull infiltrators, ultimately leading to their defeat. However, Skrulls have since found ways...   [click here for more]
25.Cypher System Bestiary

Cypher System Bestiary
by Monte Cook Games

Scores of awe-inspiring creatures in an amazing presentation Mystify, frighten, and challenge your PCs with this stunningly illustrated collection that gives you an almost infinite array of encounters. Dozens and dozens of inspiring creatures familiar and new are detailed within these pages, along with oodles of variants and customization options. It’s never been easier! A streamlined stat block...   [click here for more]
26.Fallout: totalement opérationnel

Fallout: totalement opérationnel
by Arkhane Asylum Publishing

L’armure assistée. Peu d’outils de l’Amérique d’avant guerre sont devenus aussi célèbres dans les Terres désolées qu’une armure assistée totalement opérationnelle, symbole de statut, de richesse et de force. La plupart des habitants des Terres désolées seraient prêts à payer leur dernière capsule, à trahir un ami ou même à tuer pour mettre la main sur l’une de ces...   [click here for more]
27.Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne

Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne
by Blackoath Entertainment

Condemned to death. Executed. Yet somehow, you survived. Now you roam the endless tunnels of the City Below, the Midnight Throne: Ker Nethalas. Will your skills and wits save you once again, or will you join the countless restless dead? Welcome to Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne, a single player dungeon crawler set in an endless necropolis. With the tools...   [click here for more]
28.Index Card RPG: Master Edition

Index Card RPG: Master Edition

Index Card RPG has slowly built a die-hard following of DIY RPG creators and players over the past 5 years. Until now, it has been found in 3 hardcopy books and numerous PDF's published by Runehammer.  This newest edition, the MASTER EDITION, combines ICRPG's numerous worlds, streamlined D20 rules and critically acclaimed GM know-how all in one PDF, all revised and updated with its latest playtest...   [click here for more]
29.Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG

Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG
by Hero Forge Games

Unleash your kids' imagination with Hero Kids, the ENnie award-winning fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10.  This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games. "Hero Kids is great, we were off and playing within a few minutes of reading the rules!"   "Was woken up at 6am this...   [click here for more]
30.The Theory of Magic

The Theory of Magic
by The Gorilla Of Destiny

Ever wanted to create your own spells? Or roleplay a wizard with truly scientific understanding of magic? Or even just explore the hidden relationships between the spells of 5e? Then this is the book you need to take your role play wizarding to the next level! The Theory of Magic is a scientific approach to the magic seen in 5e created after a succesful kickstarter (£6.5k raised!). In this book we...   [click here for more]
31.Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
by Pinnacle Entertainment

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! and Fun! rules system for any genre of roleplaying game. Create your own setting, convert an existing one, or pick up one of our amazing settings like DeadlandsRippers, or 50 Fathoms. The rules give players plenty of depth to create their characters and keep bookkeeping to a minimum for the Game Master. If you’re looking for...   [click here for more]
32.Wally DM's Journal of Puzzle Encounters

Wally DM's Journal of Puzzle Encounters
by Wally DM

Hello there adventurers and welcome to Wally DM! Thank you for purchasing my Journal of Puzzle Encounters. Within this journal you will find 60 puzzles that you can use to add an element of mystery, intrigue and fun to your fantasy role-playing games. Your players will have their characters swapping out gems of an owl statue to open doors, turning their hand to stone to unlock a portal, or tasting...   [click here for more]
33.Ironsworn: Starforged

Ironsworn: Starforged
by Shawn Tomkin

The Sci-Fi Evolution of the Ironsworn RPG is Here! In Ironsworn: Starforged, you are a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet on your travels. Most importantly, you will swear iron vows and see them fulfilled—no matter the cost. Starforged is a standalone...   [click here for more]
34.Deathbringer RPG

Deathbringer RPG
by Dungeon University Presents

As seen on the DungeonCraft YouTube channel, Deathbringer RPG is a grimdark fantasy rules kit compatible with 5E and any OSR retroclone. This tri-fold rules set contains all you need for character creation, combat, & spellcasting. The unique Deathbringer Dice mechanic replaces traditional features, feats and skills with a fast, flexible alternative. Get ready for breakneck, bone-crunching, skull-smashing,...   [click here for more]
35.Colony Wars

Colony Wars
by Zozer Games

A Compilation PDF of Zozer Games worldbooks, for the Hostile setting! These five worldbooks are also available separately.  Worlds in Turmoil in the HOSTILE Setting! For HOSTILE and Cepheus Engine RPG rules, this 174-page roleplaying supplement provides in-depth descriptions of five colony worlds from the Near Earth Zone: Abyss, Cyclops, Nevermind, The Solomons and Tau Ceti. Each section includes...   [click here for more]
36.Ironsworn: Delve

Ironsworn: Delve
by Shawn Tomkin

An ENNIE-winning expansion for the free Ironsworn RPG. Expeditions into perilous places, more foes and encounters, an array of new oracles, expanded setting info, mysterious objects of power, campaign threats, and much more! This supplement for the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game takes your quests to the deepest, darkest reaches of the Ironlands. Plunge into subterranean...   [click here for more]

by Questing Beast Games

KNAVE is a rules toolkit for running old school fantasy RPGs without classes. Looking for an adventure for Knave? Try The Waking of Willowby Hall. "Knave brilliantly streamlines Old-School D&D into a lean, mean, seven-page package that eliminates all need for charts and flipping. It's intuitive, fast and accessible to novices." -Professor Dungeon Master, Dungeon Craft...   [click here for more]
38.Cepheus Universal

Cepheus Universal
by Zozer Games

This universal science fiction RPG allows players and Game Master to emulate most kinds of sci-fi gaming, from time travel or near future cyberpunk, to space opera; from modern-day Solar System exploration to a far future that enjoys antimatter power, matter transportation and food replicators. As much attention is given to low-tech societies as mid-tech and far future, high-tech societies. You'll...   [click here for more]
39.Northern Reach: Part 4

Northern Reach: Part 4
by Schwalb Entertainment

Lands of Shadow for Shadow of the Demon Lord On a high hill, just north of the Shield Mountains, stands the capital of the Northern Reach. The hill climbs from the relatively flat land in the northeast to a peak at the southwest, where the ground drops away to form a sheer cliff hundreds of feet tall. The towers of the wealthy crown the summit while the rest of the city’s population make...   [click here for more]
40.Sword of the Dragonslayer

Sword of the Dragonslayer
by Hellwinter Forge of Wonders

A NEW OSE ADVENTURE AWAITS YOU! Sword of the Dragonslayer is an ADVENTURE MODULE that pitches a party of level 4-6 adventurers against a winged menace that lied in wait for long years and now wants to exact burning revenge! The legend of Krymhild Stoneheart tells the tale of a brave warrior who saved her hometown of Tyntern from the terror of the dragon Ssyn....   [click here for more]
41.Rolemaster Treasure Law (RMU)

Rolemaster Treasure Law (RMU)
by Iron Crown Enterprises

Rolemaster Treasure Law For over four decades, Rolemaster has been the definitive fantasy role-playing game that combines realism and depth without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster Unified is the next evolution drawing upon the best elements of previous editions to create a streamlined and consistent game. Rolemaster Treasure Law...   [click here for more]
42.Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e

Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e
by Arcanist Press

Character creation rules for 5e that replace race with ancestry, culture, and mixed heritage, for awesome new PCs Two Time ENnie Award Winner for Best Electronic Book and Best Supplement! Nominated for Product of the Year! "Required reading for playing RPGs in 2020" - Polygon - Play a character of one ancestry raised...   [click here for more]
43.Stirring the Hornet's Nest at Het Thamsya

Stirring the Hornet's Nest at Het Thamsya
by Centaur Games

The temple of Het Thamsya needs help. Their abbot has been meditating for 10 years and is now in grave danger. Help rescue him from a temple of automatons, giant wasps and human-wasp monstrosities. But don't wake him up! 28 pages of temple-crawling adventure for tabletop role-playing games Written using Cairn RPG and Into The Odd rulesets Automatons: Learn to trick them, learn to command them  Wasps...   [click here for more]
44.EZD6 Book of Quests

EZD6 Book of Quests

From the weird brain of DM SCOTTY come EZD6 book II: THE BOOK OF QUESTS! EZD6 has been wildly successful, exploding onto tabletops everywhere fast, fun play from the wild and wacky table of DM SCOTTY. Now, EZD6 fans can play 18 of Scotty's wildest quests, in a simple, plug-anywhere format that's easy to bring to players fast. -150 page book -18 complete quests, playable as one-offs...   [click here for more]
45.Falkrest Abbey

Falkrest Abbey
by Axian Spice

The forlorn Falkrest Abbey in the icy Lune Mountains is where the Queens and Kings of Yore used to be crowned and buried, along with their treasures. According to legends, the Fountain of St. Brynedd still pours its miraculous water somewhere inside. But what caused the fall of the blessed Abbey? Falkrest Abbey is a level 1–3 dungeon adventure for Old-School...   [click here for more]
46.Additional Treasures Five, A Supplement for Dragonbane

Additional Treasures Five, A Supplement for Dragonbane
by Philip Reed Games

Additional Treasures Five brings you another 54 illustrated treasure cards (numbered 217 through 270). Building on concepts introduced in the fourth set in this series, some of the included cards are more of a hazard than a reward. Good luck! This game is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Fria Ligan AB. This Supplement was created under Fria Ligan AB’s Dragonbane...   [click here for more]
47.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Monster Compendium

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Monster Compendium
by Hero Forge Games

The Hero Kids Monster Compendium expansion includes 176 monsters for your game: Bats, Beguilers, Boars, Brigands, Bugbears, Commoners, Constructs, Coot and Crone, Cultists, Dragon Lords, Dragons, Elementals, Firestarter, Flaming Skull, Foxes, Froglings, Gargoyle, Ghost, Giants, Gladiators, Goblins, Gorillas, Guards, Helm Knight, Hydra, Knights, Kobolds, Lizardkin, Minotaur, Mummies, Nagians, Orcs,...   [click here for more]
48.Dungeon World

Dungeon World
by Burning Wheel

Golden Geek RPG of the Year 2012 Indie RPG 2012 Winner: Best Game, Best Support, Best Production ENnie Award Winner 2013: Best Rules - Gold Winner Combining high-action dungeon crawling with cutting-edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching...   [click here for more]
49.Entity - Advanced Storytelling

Entity - Advanced Storytelling
by Candlenaut

Advanced Storytelling provides tools and tips to enhance your narrative in Entity, fostering your creativity to weave grand tales of journeys and discoveries in uncharted expanses. This publication can also serve other gaming systems as a comprehensive resource, offering diverse tables tailored for science fantasy. This publication includes: 20 pages of Oracle Tables with over 1,000 entries in...   [click here for more]
50.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Brecken Vale Gazetteer

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Brecken Vale Gazetteer
by Hero Forge Games

IN A DISTANT CORNER OF THE VARLD LIES THE BRECKEN VALE To secure the Brecken Vale'speace, its adult folk travel to distant lands where they pledge their swords, slings, and spells to the eternal battle against the armies of darkness that threaten the Varld. With the adults absent, the job of protecting the Vale falls to its brave youngsters; Hero Kids. Written specifically for GMs, the...   [click here for more]
51.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Darkness Neath Rivenshore

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Darkness Neath Rivenshore
by Hero Forge Games

This seven-encounter adventure takes place in the ancient tunnels, chambers, and cisterns beneath Rivenshore. When the town’s well runs dry, a child’s pleas for help echo from the dry pit.  The kids must delve to rescue the lost child.  Yet something sinister lurks in the ancient structures beneath the town, and the kids will need all their skill and bravery to rescue the lost child Emon. •  Adventure...   [click here for more]
52.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Advancement Cards

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Advancement Cards
by Hero Forge Games

The Hero Kids Hero Advancement Cards expansion includes 120 cards. The Hero Advancement system allows players to improve all aspects of their heroes: • Improve abilities (melee, ranged, magic, or armor) • Gain new abilities (melee, ranged, magic, or armor) • Add an additional health level to their hero • Learn new skills • Train new special actions • Master new bonus abilities ...   [click here for more]
53.Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: The Great Circus

Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: The Great Circus
by Heroic Maps

The Haunted Circus A large circus, with plenty to do for all!     A printable rpg battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl or skirmish game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. Contents: A 60x60 map depicting a  circus. This carnival has big tents, small tents, caravans and wagons....   [click here for more]
54.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards VI

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards VI
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new All Hallows' Eve heroes for your game: Jester Alchemist - The jester always gets the last laugh against anyone nearby Bear Brute - The bear brute is a formidable combatant Satyr Druid - The satyr can channel powerful druidic healing Krampus Duelist - Terrifying in stature and in combat Raven Hunter - The raven harries enemies from a distance Gorgon...   [click here for more]
55.Hero Kids - Fantasy Premium Adventure - Reign of the Dragon

Hero Kids - Fantasy Premium Adventure - Reign of the Dragon
by Hero Forge Games

This premium adventure takes the kids on a journey to rescue the dragon Algoxarth.   Can the kids slip past the cultists who have surrounded Rivenshore?  And can they rescue Algoxarth and her dragon egg from the Dragon Prince, or will he succeed in his fiendish plan? •  Premium adventure with 11 encounters •  Includes monsters; cultists, dragon, dragon hatchling, dragon prince •  Includes...   [click here for more]
56.How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox

How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox
by Bat in the Attic Games

How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox! Starting in 2009, I wrote a series of 24 posts on the Bat in the Attic Blog covering the different aspects of creating a hexcrawl formatted setting.  Now that the blog posts are completed, I combined and rewrote these posts into a single book.  In addition to advice about creating your setting, the post fleshs out the Isle of Pyade into a small setting that...   [click here for more]
57.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Pet Cards II

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Pet Cards II
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new monstrous pets for your game: • Beguiler - The beguiler's eyestalks unleash powerful and versatile magic • Boar - The battle-boar carries stalwart heroes into battle • Gorilla - Enemies' attacks only strengthen the gorilla's attacks • Griffon - The griffon swoops down to carry off its prey • Hydra - Each of the hydra's three heads...   [click here for more]
58.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards V

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards V
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new monstrous heroes for your game: Gargoyle Ambusher - The gargoyle hides in plain sight and swoops to attack Bugbear Brute - The bugbear brute swings a tree-trunk club Frogling Hunter - The frogling's sticky tongue pulls enemies closer Minotaur Knight - This bovine beast can charge with fierce horns Mummy Mage - The withering mummy terrifies enemies Goblin...   [click here for more]
59.Blades in the Dark

Blades in the Dark
by One Seven

Winner: 2015 Golden Geek, RPG of the Year Winner: 2016 Indie RPG Award, Game of the Year (also Best Production and Best Support) Blades in the Dark is a tabletop role-playing game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. There are heists, chases, occult mysteries, dangerous bargains,...   [click here for more]
60.Tome of Adventure Design (Revised)

Tome of Adventure Design (Revised)
by Mythmere Games

Tome of Adventure Design is a comprehensive, start-to-finish resource for designing fantasy adventures for your favorite tabletop role-playing game. It is system neutral, and can be used with virtually any fantasy game. This book includes random generation tables for almost every step of the design process: locations, villainous plots, designing new monsters, and bizarre environments in strange, unknown...   [click here for more]
61.Conniving Cat Burglars (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG for PocketQuest 2024)

Conniving Cat Burglars (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG for PocketQuest 2024)
by Zadmar Games

You can download the full PDF for free by clicking on the Publisher Preview, but if you'd like to support my work, thank you! “After nightfall, criminal gangs and professional thieves ply their nefarious trade, burgling homes and stealing valuables under the cover of darkness. But not all of these wily miscreants are human, and in recent months, a new breed of outlaw has rapidly...   [click here for more]
62.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Wizard's Tower

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Wizard's Tower
by Hero Forge Games

The Wizard's Tower adventure takes the heroes from Rivenshore to the wizard’s tower on the eastern peninsula that encloses Brecken Bay.  The wizard, Mortain, has gotten himself into strife and needs the kids’ help! •  Adventure with five encounters and six new maps •  Includes five monsters: Froglings, water beast, rickety construct, and the fearsome helm knight ...   [click here for more]
63.DM Yourself - solo roleplay for 5e, D&D and OSR adventures

DM Yourself - solo roleplay for 5e, D&D and OSR adventures
by Tom Scutt

Welcome to DM Yourself – a guide for soloing existing adventures/campaigns written for Fifth Edition (5e), other editions of D&D or OSR. The system enables you to play these adventures with a single character, as close to the way they are written as possible. The aim is to allow players to enjoy these adventures solo with the minimum of preparation, work or additional rules, and maximum...   [click here for more]
64.Feats of Exploration

Feats of Exploration
by 3d6 Down the Line LLC

Feats of Exploration is an alternate reward system for your favorite XP-based roleplaying game! Don't just dole out XP for monsters defeated and treasure gained; award concrete and systemetized XP for specific exploration activities that help to encourage the old-school play style. Examples include: Completing quests Overcoming traps Utilizing equipment in creative ways Manipulating...   [click here for more]
65.The Science Spellbook

The Science Spellbook
by The Gorilla Of Destiny

The Science spellbook is a bold attempt to remind everyone that science is just as, if not more, fascinating than the magic in our ttrpg games. In this book we have taken real scientific concepts such as General Relativity, Quantum Mechanincs, and Classical Mechanics and turned them into over 100 spells usable in your game of 5e. The book also contains the top 3 winners of our Spell Creation Competition...   [click here for more]
66.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Twilight Watchtower

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Twilight Watchtower
by Hero Forge Games

This five-encounter adventure takes the kids out of Rivenshore and into the surrounding lands of Skritteland. In Twilight Watchtower, a husband and wife team of farmers travel to Rivenshore begging for help. Their two children have disappeared. The parents tell the kids – our heroes – about lights they’ve glimpsed from a ruined watchtower on a cliff-top near their farm.  What will the kids...   [click here for more]
67.Candela Obscura Core Rulebook

Candela Obscura Core Rulebook
by Darrington Press

You’re needed, investigators: join the secret society Candela Obscura to confront occult horrors from beyond, keeping hidden the true nature of magickal incursions besetting our world. The Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is a fully detailed guide on playing and gamemastering the collaborative investigative horror tabletop roleplaying game. As an investigator of the paranormal...   [click here for more]
68.Beyond the Wall - A Kingless Realm

Beyond the Wall - A Kingless Realm
by Flatland Games

A new sourcebook and setting for games of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures. The land is desperate for aid… A realm’s history has much to say about looming threats, about its peoples, and about heroes both untested and legendary. When forgotten evils stir and your hearthmates need you, it is time to gather allies and come to a broken kingdom’s defense. Venture...   [click here for more]
69.Rogue Zone

Rogue Zone
by Scragend

Rogue zone is one to two player game where you play as a Zoner, someone who makes living venturing into dangerous walled off outskirts left to ruin, looting what you can and making it out alive before the creatures that inhabit the zone can get you. Sometime in the not too distant future.  No one knows what caused the sector 23 disaster, though thats not stopped theories spreading. Some say...   [click here for more]
70.A DM's Directory of Demiplanes, for Ampersand Fantasy Campaigns

A DM's Directory of Demiplanes, for Ampersand Fantasy Campaigns
by Philip Reed Games

An infinite number of realms are out there. This book unlocks eight of them. A DM's Directory to Demiplanes, first published in 2004, details eight demiplanes created under the 3.5 edition of the ampersand RPG. The game mechanics are centered squarely in those 3.5 edition rules, but the concepts and flavor are useful in any edition or campaign featuring planar...   [click here for more]
71.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards IV

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards IV
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new forest heroes for your game: Spear Bearer - This ferret hero uses his spear to keep enemies at bay Knight - The turtle's armor protects him from enemy attacks, which enrage his replies Rogue - The shrew moves like a shadow and strikes distracted enemies Brute - This badger is a ferocious combatant who specializes in knocking down enemies Warlock...   [click here for more]
72.Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Sourcebook

Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Sourcebook
by Palladium Books

Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Sourcebook Shrouded in secrecy and rumor, the true story of Titan Robotics is finally revealed. The enigmatic arms manufacturer’s undisclosed operations and special projects unveil the shocking truth – androids walk among us and enact a mysterious plan with goals unknown to the unsuspecting world. While their existence is hidden from the public, Titan’s powerful...   [click here for more]
73.Dungeon Vault Magazine - No. 44 - D&D 5e + Shadowdark

Dungeon Vault Magazine - No. 44 - D&D 5e + Shadowdark
by Elven Tower

Dungeon Vault Magazine - Issue 44 Published by Elven Tower This is issue No. 44 of Dungeon Vault Magazine. A compilation of adventures, lore, excellent cartography, and useful digital goodies. The content in this magazine is designed for use with both Shadowdark RPG rules and D&D 5e; separate PDFs are included. This is a thematic magazine issue that includes a small regional setting and nine...   [click here for more]
74.Letters from the Dark Vol. IV: Borderlands

Letters from the Dark Vol. IV: Borderlands
by Chris Powell

*Includes Full-detail and simplified VTT maps in a .zip folder. Get back to basics! Where the realms of Law and Chaos collide lie the Borderlands: war-torn wilds yearning to be explored and settled. Your adventuring party has been hired to clear out a Borderlands keep infested with monsters. Once empty, it falls upon you to rebuild the keep and explore the surrounding area. This third-party supplement...   [click here for more]
75.Book of Hexcrawl: Part One

Book of Hexcrawl: Part One
by Kobold Press

We’re Starting at Hex One Are you looking for a new way to tackle your next campaign? Do your players yearn to make their own adventure in a vast and unexplored wilderness? How do you feel about hexes? Kobold Press is proud to present the first entry in our new online series, The Book of Hexcrawl! This 17-page introduction to the world of the hexcrawl contains everything you...   [click here for more]
76.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Equipment Cards

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Equipment Cards
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes forty-eight pieces of equipment for your game: Armor: Pieces of armor and shields for defense and offense Items: Consumable potions and special items Magic: Wands and staffs for all types of magi Melee: Martial weapons for all fighting styles Miscellaneous: Pendants, charms, and special purpose weapons Ranged: Bows, bows, and more bows, but each unlike...   [click here for more]
77.Five Torches Deep

Five Torches Deep
by Sigil Stone Publishing

Basics 5e + OSR Layout designed for utility Streamlined gameplay Highly compatible Five Torches Deep (FTD) is a streamlined adventure game combining the best mechanics and principles of 5e, the OSR, and modern game design. The core of the game is familiar to anyone who has played 5e or previous editions of the game, but every mechanic has been pared down, modified, or expanded upon...   [click here for more]
78.The Ronin's Guide to the Sprawl, vol1. Street Cred

The Ronin's Guide to the Sprawl, vol1. Street Cred
by Gun Metal Games

The Ronin’s Guide to the Sprawl, volume 1: Street Cred   Gun Metal Games is pleased to announce the release  of Street Cred, the first in a new line of supplements for the Ronin’s Guide to the Sprawl series! For characters rep (or Street Cred) is  the most important resource they have. As their influence rises, characters meet more people, get better gigs, and access higher-quality gear....   [click here for more]
79.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Pet Cards

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Pet Cards
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes eleven new pets for your game: Pixie - The pixie's small frame holds powerful magic Hound - The hound fights even more fiercely when hurt Eagle - Eagles attack their targets with swooping attacks Fox - The tiny fox responds to attacks with a vicious bite Bear - The bear's best defense is a strong friend at its back Lynx - This large feline transforms...   [click here for more]
80.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Tomb of the Lost King

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Tomb of the Lost King
by Hero Forge Games

On the night of the dead moon, the kids are woken by the ghost of their clan's lost king, Rothgar.  Can the kids overcome Rothgar's challenges and earn a valuable piece of equipment? •  Adventure with 6 encounters and maps •  Includes several new monsters, including several new skeletons and the scary ghost ...   [click here for more]
81.Nobles: The Golden Mandate

Nobles: The Golden Mandate
by Crafty Games

Of Gilded Words and Poisonous Tongues! In the Lord Ruler’s Final Empire, blood is destiny. A skaa birth condemns you to a hard life of labor and service. A Terris birth marks you forever as an outsider, an uncomfortable reminder of a bygone era. To be born noble is to live at the peak of political and social power, blessed with the potential for Allomancy — but...   [click here for more]
82.The Lazy DM's Workbook

The Lazy DM's Workbook
by SlyFlourish

The Lazy DM’s Workbook contains a wide range of tools, maps, and reference sheets to help you run your fifth edition fantasy roleplaying game—and is designed to be useful right at the table. This book contains numerous fifth edition rules references, guides, and random generators to help fire up your imagination as you prepare and run your games. The workbook also contains ten lazy lairs:...   [click here for more]
83.Secrets of the Weird Wizard

Secrets of the Weird Wizard
by Schwalb Entertainment

The Ultimate Guide for running Shadow of the Weird Wizard Games! This PDF is a PRERELEASE. As a result, it features no layout, no art, and proofing has not been completed. If you purchase this PRERELEASE, you will gain access to updates and the final product. THIS PRODUCT WAS MADE BY HUMANS. No AI was used in the production of this book. The talented team of artists involved includes the...   [click here for more]
84.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Fire in Rivenshore

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Fire in Rivenshore
by Hero Forge Games

The Fire In Rivenshore adventure takes place when a fire breaks out in Rivenshore.  The kids are asked to help battle the blaze and find its source.  After rescuing Roger in the burning tavern and battling looters, the kids discover that a bullied street urchin (Bree) is responsible for the fires. But do they choose to arrest her or let her go? •  Adventure with five encounters and seven new...   [click here for more]
85.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards VII

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards VII
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new Heroes From Out of Time for your game: Athlete - The athlete's massive strength and imposing frame makes them a formidable sight Ghost - Practiced in passing unnoticed, Ghost uses an improvised surujin to strike at distant foes  Goth - The goth's unique style belies her knowledge of herbal healing remedies Hick - This country boy never travels...   [click here for more]
86.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards II

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards II
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new heroes for your game: Acrobat - Perform spectacular flips and tumbles to get in and out of trouble Alchemist - This bomb thrower is dangerous to enemies and allies Brute (Female) - The female brute is big enough to take on any enemy Healer (Male) - Trained in the forests of the Brecken Vale, the healer is a great addition to any group of heroes Hunter...   [click here for more]
87.Deck of Old-School Encounters Set Three, Systemless Fantasy RPG Cards

Deck of Old-School Encounters Set Three, Systemless Fantasy RPG Cards
by Philip Reed Games

72 MORE RANDOM ENCOUNTER CARDS FOR FANTASY RPGS! Look here, kids. This is the third time you’ve come back . . . and you didn’t even bring me prunes! But fine. Fine. You want more nostalgic RPG content? I’ll give it to ya. But you best hurry off to your snack-ladden tables with your newfangled dice towers and maps. Just get off my lawn before I turn the hose on you. These cards work with...   [click here for more]
88.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Mines of Martek

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Mines of Martek
by Hero Forge Games

When two brave miners (not minors) disappear after reopening the Mines or Martek, the kids are the only ones who are small enough to squeeze through the rock-fall that has blocked the entrance.   Can the kids rescue the miners and find out what caused the mines to be abandoned in the first place? •  Adventure with 7 encounters and maps •  Includes several new monsters, including the...   [click here for more]
89.Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards III

Hero Kids - Fantasy Expansion - Hero Cards III
by Hero Forge Games

This expansion for Hero Kids includes ten new exotic heroes for your game: Arbalest - The dwarf arbalest's powerful crossbow can shoot right through enemies Blade Dancer - The scything blades of this dragon-kin can attack two enemies Blade Dancer - With two blades, this drow blade dancer is a fearsome attacker Brute (Male) - This unstoppable dragon-kin trades off armor for a heavy blade Druid...   [click here for more]
90.The Silt Verses Roleplaying Game

The Silt Verses Roleplaying Game
by The Gauntlet

A GOD MUST FEED! The Silt Verses Roleplaying game is here! Based on the award-winning audio drama, The Silt Verses RPG is a game of folk horror and monstrous divinity. Its mechanics are based on the beloved Brindlewood Bay and The Between, as well as Apocalypse World. In The Silt Verses RPG, you play Custodians, employees of the Bureau for the Investigation and Assimilation of Stray Deities....   [click here for more]
91.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost Village

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - The Lost Village
by Hero Forge Games

On the eve of another harsh winter, the kids are sent on a journey to the village of Willowsdell to to determine why their autumn produce wagons have not arrived in Rivenshore.  Can the kids make it to the distant outpost and discover what has happened to the lost village? •  Adventure with 9 encounters and 5 new encounter maps •  Includes a 8 new monsters to add you your kids'...   [click here for more]
92.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Yuletide Journey

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Yuletide Journey
by Hero Forge Games

The Yuletide Journey adventure takes place in the days before Rivenshore's annual midwinter Yuletide feast.  But the village has not heard from their festival's annual guest, Odin, who is the protector of the Brecken Vale.  The kids set out on a journey to Odin's home in the northern mountains, and along the way they meet new friends, overcome dangerous challenges, and face fearsome enemies. •  Adventure...   [click here for more]
93.Cyberpunk Dungeons

Cyberpunk Dungeons
by Doppelgänger Publishing

Cyberpunk Dungeons Cyberpunk Dungeons is a collection of five ready-to-use cyberpunk dungeons, designed for thrilling gaming sessions and unforgettable adventures. Whether you are a seasoned RPG veteran or a newcomer to the cyberpunk world, these dungeons transport you to the heart of a corrupt megacity where technology and humanity collide in a brutal dance. These dungeons,...   [click here for more]
94.Hero Kids - Fantasy Premium Adventure - Maze of the Minotaur

Hero Kids - Fantasy Premium Adventure - Maze of the Minotaur
by Hero Forge Games

This premium adventure takes the kids deep into the lair of the fabled minotaur.   Can the kids find a piece of the beast's treasure and escape, or will they fall foul to the minotaur or one of the other monsters and traps as they explore his maze? •  Premium adventure with 8-12 encounters (or more...) •  Includes the unique minotaur monster •  Comes with 35 modular map tiles to...   [click here for more]
95.Kids on Bikes: Core Rulebook

Kids on Bikes: Core Rulebook
by Hunters Entertainment

Young Adults, Small Towns... BIG ADVENTURE! Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big mysteries. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of WinterAtari: Centipede/Missile Command/Asteroids) & Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Seven Minutes in Hell). Kids on Bikes is a rules-light...   [click here for more]
96.Ultramodern5-REDUX: FOUNDRY VTT (Early Access)

Ultramodern5-REDUX: FOUNDRY VTT (Early Access)
by Dias Ex Machina Games

THE DEFINITIVE 5E RESOURCE FOR MODERN & SCIENCE FICTION RULES! NOW AVAILABLE FOR FOUNDRY VTT NOTE: These files are early access and will be updated on a regular basis until reaching a full release. Thank you for your support.  The original Ultramodern5 was the most successful non-fantasy ruleset for 5th Edition. This revised sourcebook...   [click here for more]
97.The Spell Writing Guide

The Spell Writing Guide
by The Gorilla Of Destiny

The Spell Writing Guide is an in depth exploration and explanation of an algorithmic way to write spells in any magic system with set spell features. Included is the stylised Spell Writing Guide, the plain text version, and a dictionary contataining some of 5e's Creative Commons spells. The SWG contatins an in depth mathematical exploration of how we created the system and the maths behind some of...   [click here for more]
98.Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Glade of the Unicorn

Hero Kids - Fantasy Adventure - Glade of the Unicorn
by Hero Forge Games

The Glade of the Unicorn adventure takes place on one of the kids' routine patrols into the Darkenwold Woods.  During their patrol they rescue a unicorn from a pack of marauding goblins.  The unicorn has been mortally wounded in the attack, so the kids must quest deeper into the forest to find a cure. •  Adventure with nine encounters and nine new maps •  Includes seven monsters: Wolf,...   [click here for more]


In a game’s maturity, the chase of character evolution has limits. After a few life cycles, players are looking closer, thinking deeper, and asking for more substance. Challenge becomes a word often heard at the table, and the GM feels a pressure that isn’t easy to satisfy. It’s time, then, to cook with fire. It’s time to go to HARDCORE MODE. This D&D fifth edition rules mod from...   [click here for more]
100.TREY - Solo Roleplaying

TREY - Solo Roleplaying
by FrostByte Books

THE STORYTELLING ENGINE TREY is a storytelling game that offers limitless adventures with no preparation. You can play solo or with a group. It's easy to use with any setting, including fantasy, sci-fi and mysteries.  All you need is three dice and an imagination. TREY is an easy-to-learn roleplaying game for one or more players. With the rules and random tables in this book, you...   [click here for more]
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